Professional Loft Conversions in Swanley

These days it’s smarter for homeowners to optimise the space they already have instead of looking for another bigger property. This is not only the less expensive option, but also allows homeowners to be creative with their space. For this reason, loft conversions have become popular across the UK.

As one of London’s most trusted building and renovation companies, Basetop Specialist builders Ltd conducts high-quality, convenient and cost-efficient loft conversions for properties in Swanley. We are experts at designing and building the loft that bests suits your style and needs. Choose among four base designs and customise it further to achieve your dream loft.

Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll help you expand your home without the time and price tag required of extensions.

Our Loft Conversion Designs

  • Dormer Loft

The dormer loft is a cube-shaped structure added to the roof of your house. While most houses have slanted roofs, the walls of this loft design are angled at 90 degrees to allow more room. This provides more headspace and floor space, making the loft more expansive.

  • Velux Loft

A Velux loft conversion involves the installation of windows on the pitch of the roof to let in more natural light, which opens up the space and makes it cosier. This design is ideal for homeowners who are looking to reduce their energy consumption.

  • Hip-to-Gable Loft

This conversion replaces sloping roofs with a vertical wall to create the hip-and-gable loft. This design is suitable for homeowners who want to create more space, either for a recreational room or an additional bedroom.

  • Mansard Loft

A mansard loft is a unique design situated at the back of the property to maximise its headspace and floor space. It has a flat roof and a wall sloping on a 72-degree angle. Among the four designs, the mansard offers the most space.

Why Choose Basetop Specialist Builders Ltd?

At Basetop Specialist Builders Ltd, we have a hands-on approach for every project. We make sure that your new loft addresses your needs, reflects your style and suits your home.

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