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Mansard Loft Conversions – What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for the loft conversion type that offers the most space, consider the Mansard conversion for your Bromley property. Altering a pitched roof to one that slopes to 72 degrees, a Mansard conversion immediately transforms a cramped attic into a spacious living area. As windows for this type of conversion are usually dormers, many homeowners fall in love with the Mansard’s aesthetics.

Unlike the hip-to-gable extensions, the Mansard conversion is suitable for almost any type of property. They can be done on terraced housing, chalets and bungalows, as well as detached and semi-detached properties.

How We Accomplish Your Goals

We help Bromley’s property owners achieve their loft conversion goals. That’s why our process includes:

Planning stage

The planning stage is dedicated to transforming your loft into an inspired living space, tailored to your needs. Our surveyor do an initial survey and discuss your ideas and options. We then send our architect to draw the plans once we’ve come to an agreement. Afterwards, we submit the plans to your local council and forward them to our structural engineer.

Initial construction phase

Being organised and efficient is key to our trade. We have all the materials delivered to your home and we erect a scaffolding to access your loft from the roof.

First Fix

This is when our trained and certified team begins all the structural work then start with the electrical work, plumbing, piping and more. This stage includes everything up to plastering.

Second fix

This is when you start seeing how your loft will look. We do all the architraves and skirting, finish electrical work and put in all the fixtures and fittings. We make sure everything is as you please, down to the last detail.

Final touches

Taking pride in our precision and attention to details, we ensure that everything is in order, leaving you a space ready for use.

See Your Ideas Brought to Fruition

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