Bromley’s Hip-to-Gable Conversion Specialist

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversions – What You Need to Know

The hip-to-gable loft conversion offers Bromley properties the most seamless transformation. It involves altering a pitched roof into a vertical wall, giving your loft more headroom and floor space. With the right roofing material, your roof can look like it has always been that way.  For aesthetic and functional reasons, this is a popular option for homeowners with detached and semi-detached properties.

How We Bring Your Ideas to Life

At Basetop Specialist Builders, we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs to the highest standards. Our loft conversions in Bromley involves:

Planning stage

Our surveyor visit for an initial survey. After discussing your options and arriving at an agreement, we send our architect to draw up plans. If planning permission is needed, we take care of the approval process and send the plans to your local council.

Initial construction phase

The initial construction phase is to make sure that things go smoothly and that there is minimal disruption to your home. All the materials needed are delivered to your home on the first day, and our team erects a scaffolding so that we won’t have to access your loft from inside your home.

First Fix

This consists of all the structural work up to plastering. We start with the frames of the roof and walls, then work on initial electrical, ICT, piping and gas distribution. We also work on the stairs and cables at this stage.

Second fix

The second fix involves all the finishing work. It includes the architraves, floorboards and finishes, skirting, fitting internal doors, putting in fixtures and fittings and finishing electrical work.

Final touches

Before the big turnover, we run through all the details, ensuring every surface has a professional finish and that everything looks and works as they should.

Your Home’s Transformation Begins Here

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