Tonbridge Loft Conversion Specialist

Almost everyone wants a little more room in their homes. But moving to a bigger place or building additional rooms isn’t always practical. A loft conversion repurposes an often underutilised space in your home so there’s no need to move or build expensive additions.

Basetop Specialist Builders Ltd has extended our service to Tonbridge. Discover the possibilities in transforming your attic into additional living space.

Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll help you expand your home without the time and price tag required of extensions.

Choose Your Loft Style

Not all lofts are the same. Get the most out of your conversion by choosing a loft design that is compatible with your home’s existing architectural style.

  • Velux Conversion – A velux loft works with your roofline. Considered to be one of the simplest conversions, this style uses well-placed windows to create a spacious effect.
  • Dormer Conversion – A dormer loft extends your home vertically. The additional room is built from your roof’s slope. This conversion is non-invasive as most of it can be accomplished from the outside.
  • Hip-to-Gable Conversion A hip-to-gable loft is ideal for detached homes that have a hipped roof. Its conversion process replaces this sloping roof with a wall or gable. This creates your additional living space.
  • Mansard Conversion –A mansard loft gives you the most space out of the different conversions. This style alters your roofline to transform any cramped attic into a spacious new living space.

Why Hire Basetop Specialist Builders Ltd

Make the most out of your home by converting your loft. Our builders are skilled in transforming any attic into a valuable living space. Find out which loft design suits your home when you get in touch with us. Our hands-on approach ensures that you get the loft design you want.

Call us on 0208 613 0006 or send an email to for any enquiries. We’ll gladly walk you through our whole process and address any of your concerns.

We at Basetop Specialist Builders Ltd are hands-on in all of our projects. Our team of builders in Tonbridge will closely work with you from consultation to completion to make sure that you get the loft conversion that suits your needs.

Premium-Quality Lofts

Basetop Specialist Builders offers a first-class service that delivers premium-quality lofts. No matter the size of the project, we give customers our best.

We Take Care of Everything

From your initial inquiry to acquiring planning permissions down to adding finishing touches to your loft, you can rely on us to take care of everything.

Professional in Every Sense

We’re not just professionals in terms of expertise. We treat our clients and their property with respect and offer consistently competent and on-time services.