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Loft Conversion Specialists in Sevenoaks

As one of the oldest established renovation companies in London, Basetop Specialist Builders has built a reputation for professional and reliable building services. One of our most popular services we’re known for is loft conversions. We have provided this service to many homes in Sevenoaks and have gained many loyal customers throughout our years of operation.

When it comes to loft conversions, we take a personalised approach to make sure your loft complements your lifestyle. Expect nothing but the best workmanship when you take advantage of our loft conversion service. Below are 4 popular loft types we can construct:

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Velux, also known as rooflight conversion, is the fastest and most cost-effective type of loft conversion. This type of conversion involves the windows on your roof being installed at the same angle as the slope of your roof. A Velux loft allows more natural light in your loft, providing your home with a well-lit, energy-efficient living space.


A dormer conversion is an extension of an additional room in the loft. This type of loft can be constructed in many styles. You can use the extension as a study room, playroom or even a master bedroom. The dormer loft can also have architectural features such as a staircase or French doors that lead to a balcony.


Hip-to-gable conversions require major structural changes to the roof. For this loft, a part of the roof is removed for a gable end to be built in, which extends the floor space and loft room. This loft conversion is suitable for detached and semi-detached homes, houses with terraces and bungalows. You can also combine the Velux and Dormer loft conversions with this type of loft.


Mansard conversions require significant changes to your roof. The top of your roof will be almost horizontal with its lower section constructed at a 72° pitch. Compared to other loft conversions, the Mansard has the biggest floor space and head room. This loft is ideal for homeowners who want to maximise their property’s loft space.

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Why Trust Basetop Specialist Builders for Your Sevenoaks Loft Conversion

Premium-Quality Lofts

Basetop Specialist Builders offers a first-class service that delivers premium-quality lofts. No matter the size of the project, we give customers our best.

We Take Care of Everything

From your initial inquiry to acquiring planning permissions down to adding finishing touches to your loft, you can rely on us to take care of everything.

Professional in Every Sense

We’re not just professionals in terms of expertise. We treat our clients and their property with respect and offer consistently competent and on-time services.