Stunning Loft Conversions in Dulwich

Given the ever-competitive real estate market, Dulwich homeowners are more likely to try and maximise their extra space than look for another place to live. Why go through the trouble of looking and paying for a new home and then packing up all your belongings when you can simply add rooms through loft conversions, after all?

At Basetop Specialists Builders Ltd, we provide convenient and cost-efficient loft conversions for Dulwich homeowners. Our solution is a more practical way of creating useable space at home, letting your creativity shine and increasing your property value. As an established home building and renovation company, we turn your empty loft into a living space that suits your style.

Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll help you expand your home without the time and price tag required of extensions.

Expand Your Home the Way You Need To

Our team of builders help you expand your Dulwich home for a reasonable price and within your specified timeframe. We don’t just build, though. We take into consideration your requirements and personality in order to design and build a loft that reflects your style.

To make the design choice easier for you, however, we narrow your options down to four base designs you can customise. Take a look at these choices and tell us which of the four matches your vision best:

A dormer loft conversion is a simple extension to an existing roof, making it the most common type of loft conversion for Dulwich homeowners. If you choose this, you can expect a cube-shaped structure with walls angled at 90 degrees. It provides ample headspace and floor space for you to move around.

A Velux loft conversion is an ideal way to add living space in the attic when you have ample headroom. It is also a great choice if you are looking to reduce power consumption — the loft conversion includes the installation of windows that bring in more natural light into your space. Moreover, it generally requires less construction work than other types of loft conversion.

A hip-to-gable loft conversion works best if your home features a hipped roof with a sloping side. It might mean your initial loft space is limited but we find a way to create the space you need. We work around your sloping roofs and vertical walls to add a bedroom or recreational room without extending your property.

If you have extra space at the back of your property, consider a mansard loft conversion. This type of loft conversion, which features a flat roof and an inwardly sloping back wall, provides maximum headspace and floor space among all our loft designs.

These are just the base designs for your loft conversion. Our team takes care of the heavy work so you can focus on getting creative with how you want the interiors to look like when we’re done with the project.

Embrace Our Hands-on Approach to Loft Conversion

At Basetop Specialist Builders Ltd, we take a hands-on approach to all our loft conversion projects in Dulwich. From the initial consultation to project completion, we pay close attention to your requirements and concerns. The result? Additional living space that reflects your style and blends seamlessly into your home’s structural and interior design.

Here are reasons to place your trust on our team:

  • Extensive Industry Experience

We are one of the oldest building and renovation companies in and around the Dulwich area. Our team is armed with vast knowledge and skills on providing reliable loft conversion services that guarantee your satisfaction. We operate 365 days a year for all types of loft conversion concerns, ranging from minor repairs to major building contracts.

  • Varied Customer Base

We cater to a large client base in Dulwich and the surrounding areas. Our exposure to different types of homeowners and their requirements has taught us how to adapt quickly and effectively to any situation. Moreover, because we cover residential building services throughout Dulwich, we are well-versed in the intricate rules, regulations and requirements of loft conversions in the locale — you can rely on us on this front.

  • Dedicated Builders and Staff

Although we offer four base designs for our loft conversion projects, you can rest assured that we do not settle for mediocre work. Our full-time office managers and skilled tradesmen are happy to address your routine enquiries and take note of your unique requirements and preferences. The end result is a loft conversion that is distinctly yours.

  • Proper Licenses and Credentials

Dulwich homeowners can rely on us for loft conversion projects because we have the proper credentials for it, being a proud member of the Federation of Master Builders. Additionally, our gas and electrical engineers are Gas Safe and NICEIC registered. We always do the job efficiently and according to safety regulations.

Expect first-class service and premium-quality lofts from our loft conversion team in Dulwich. Moreover, expect consistently competent and on-time services that reflect our respect for your property.

You can count on us to take care of everything from acquiring planning permissions to adding the finishing touches to your newly-added space at home. Contact us for enquiries.

Why Trust Basetop Specialist Builders for Your Dulwich Loft Conversion

Premium-Quality Lofts

Basetop Specialist Builders offers a first-class service that delivers premium-quality lofts. No matter the size of the project, we give customers our best.

We Take Care of Everything

From your initial inquiry to acquiring planning permissions down to adding finishing touches to your loft, you can rely on us to take care of everything.

Professional in Every Sense

We’re not just professionals in terms of expertise. We treat our clients and their property with respect and offer consistently competent and on-time services.